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Mar 29

Adsense and Its friendship with Blogger

Is adsense approval from easy?

Hello, recently one of my visitors had asked me whether Google owned can be an easy medium to obtain an adsense account.

The answer is simply no. Information contained in this article is by experience and not via any written policies of the companies mentioned here. Last week I was engaged in a lot of research regarding approval of adsense from blogger. Here’s what I found out:

Many sites as well as videos claim that adsense approval gets easier when you apply it through blogger. Well, let me tell you, this is does not even qualify for a trick. Adsense approval from blogger is equally tougher as it is through any other website. Earlier, adsense partner websites such as,, etc were facilitating application to adsense account through their website, but now even such applications are being reviewed with similar seriousness. I must say that adsense approval is more or less same for any kind of website.

You must be well aware of adsense policies and criteria have to qualify as an adsense publisher and hence I need not mention it here. If you aren’t then you can consult adsense official help forum for the same. Since adsense has a monopoly in this world of advertising, and also largely due to increasing amount of adsense publishers and increasing violations of terms and policies, Google has made entry into adsense via these partner sites difficult too.

If you are thinking to get past all these stuff by some trick, then probably you got it all wrong. Adsense applications are reviewed manually and there exists no specific algorithm for the same. Even though thousands of websites are submitted for review every day, Google makes sure that they are scanned manually for a period of time even after partially approving it.

Hence my advice to you is not to waste time trying tricks such as changing IP address via proxy, using blogger ( of course it is an excellent blogging platform) , or using partner websites to obtain an approval, but your business strategy should go somewhat like this

1. write about what’s required for this world and not re-write what already exists. i.e. make your content unique.

2. Writing unique content doesn’t mean it would fetch you ads and visitors and clicks. You must ensure that your content is useful to your visitors and also such traffic would be useful to the advertisers bidding for your blog.

3. After working with adsense for over 2 years, I realize that adsense thrives on 3 things


Relevance &

Quality again. Obviously, if you write about stuff that are very rare, products available for advertisement related to such content would also be very rare. Hence it is extremely essential to research what to blog about!! Write about stuff that people need the most. Search engine Optimization follows later.

About adsense account sale

“Crime thrives in the land of adversity” . Yes, Google has clearly stated in its policies that adsense account cannot be transferred. In Asian countries, changing the payee name is banned. But even if it was allowed, it is not difficult for anybody to find out your real identity. So if you are barred from adsense, then improvise your site and reapply and please don’t buy an account. Such an account will be soon disabled and you can lose the money that you spent on buying such an account.

Also please report Google about such activities as it can help your fellow innocent publishers.

About “adsense ready” websites

Adsense ready websites are available for as low as 10$ . I fairly do not believe that such websites would earn you an adsense account. The easiest way to get an adsense account is by being honest. Trust me because you’ll be reading this blog post again after you finish exploring all other options available for getting adsense account approved.

Thanks and keep contributing!!


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Mar 28

adsense for domain not anymore!!

Google adsense is retiring its adsense for domain feature. So if you have bought a premium domain and expect to earn with it then you have probably got it all wrong. No new accounts for domain can be created and the existing users can continue to earn only till april 18th !! If your earnings have reached a threshold then you might get paid for the same. This is a serious bad news for publishers. whats your say on this folks?

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Mar 27

resolving php mess ups

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting 

This is the error you might have come across while visiting my website a few days back. But its solved now and a pretty simple way to solve it. Here’s how it goes

1. first download a file of the theme you are currently using . for e.g. if you are using theme graphene then download its zip file from

2. It contains the respective files you tried editing, e.g. If you tried editing the theme-functions.php file then the same might be available.

3. Using file zilla, access the root folder of your site. Replace the existing file with the new one.

That is it. and yes, if you want to edit the theme-functions.php file for inserting some widgets in your posts or so, please edit the functions.php file and not the theme-functions.php file followed by the index.php file.

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Feb 13

create a website locally and get it online in 8 easy steps

1. first download xxamp, then install joomla or wordpress CMS on your local host. read here to install wordpress CMS on your server..
2. create the website using joomla or wordpress.
3. Go over to PHPMyAdmin on your localhost. Select the database on the left side of the window. At the top of the page there’s a Export tab. Click it. If it says “Quick Export” then you’re good to go. If not then make sure to “select all” in the tables window. Make sure that “IF NOT EXISTS” is selected as well.
4. Export the database as a file. Don’t worry about all the default setting, just click “go”.
5. Open that file in a text editor; strip out everything from the top down to the first “IF NOT EXISTS” or “TABLE STRUCTURE FOR….”
6. Go to your new hosting cPanel or wherever the Databases are and create a new DB. Some hosts have the “database wizard” that will create the db, db user and password all in one swoop. Get those credentials and keep them handy.
7. Go back to the file you have from the exported database. Copy everything (Select all) from that text file then go over to the new host’s PHPMyAdmin window. Remember, select that new database you created, then instead of going to “Import” select “SQL” at the top then paste everything into that window and click “GO”.
8. If you did it right then it should execute the command and then you’ll see all your tables over on the left and then you can set your config file to the new database credentials, etc and you can have a happy life from there on out with your new website and better yet, newfound knowledge
for more details check out

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Feb 02

Does domain name affect your site ranking in search engines?

Since the last few days I’d been researching about effect of domain name on ranking in search engines such as google.
My two domains, and were used for comparison. I’m using domain because it is free and has superior quality of service as compared to that of other free domain names. Also .tk extension makes my domain name sweet and short too.
.tk is a ccTLD i.e. country code top level domain while the wordpress one is a free sub domain provided by wordpress. .com domains are generic TLD like .org or .net . the ccTLD’s rank high in the country to which it belongs. For eg if my domain was , (.in for India) it would achieve higher rankings in India but not worldwide. But this is not absolute. Highly relevant websites always get a higher ranking no matter what is the domain extension.
The domain did rank in the first page of google search results. In my previous article I had advised to go for domains because they are absolutely free and high indexing on google but I’d like to say that when it comes to ranking internationally, you need to have a .com domain name to compete
So what’s recommended?
As my articles are directed for newbies I would always recommend you to start up with something free and later move on to paid services once you get settled and gain some experience in this field.
Another option for newbies is to start with sub domains or else wordpress or even blogger would do fine. provides a free account but with basic facilities only. You cannot run java/html scripts and thus you cannot put your own ads e.g. adsense
Blogger is way better when it comes to freedom but the user interface is not as developed as wordpress. So getting something for free is so very difficult. If you want to earn a free domain, then there’s a ray of light : . you have to fill up some surveys and u earn points which then can redeemed for a domain name. 50 points would do it. Its advantageous for us residents as they get more surveys to complete and earning them is not difficult. But I’m not sure whether it works as I could complete 50 points since I do not have much surveys available for my country. You can check it out HERE

How does your domain extension play a role in search engine rankings?
There are 3 elements which determine rankings
1. Content
2. Domain name
3. Ip address and server location

Speaking of content, it is the single most big thing that can change the game. Using search engine optimization techniques such as tags, keywords, unique content can have a visible effect on your rankings
But let me tell you just working hard for the content is not enough. You need to consider other factors too, they are
Domain name
Your domain name : generic ones like .com, .net, .org are the top most
Then come the ccTLD’s like, .in, .au, .us
Ip address and server location
If you want to target visitors from a particular country for e.g. India then u can use a .in domain name and also host your website in India. Obtain an Indian static ip address which will definitely boost your website’s ranking.

so decide which visitors you are targeting and chalk out an appropriate plan. remember everybody has different needs and you need to understand yours thoroughly before you make a decision



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Feb 02

Installing wordpress CMS on your server

go to the end of this article if you have this error : http // wordpress

So, you decided to go creating your website with wordpress. Here’s an example telling you how to install your wordpress CMS on


First download wordpress version 3.3.1 from Extract it and save it to your desktop



Image via Wikipedia

Go to 000webhost > members area > select your domain and click on go. Now the control panel opens up

Now search for Mysql there. Click on it and a new page opens up.

Now you have to create a data base here. Go to create new database


Enter a database name : a****_word

Enter a username : a****_word

Enter a password :

Retype the password

After you type these and click on create, a new page opens open saying database created and it will show you the details.

Step 3<>

Go to the folder on the desktop where you extracted wordpress.

Select the configsample.php file , right click and select edit it with notepad

Now scroll down and you’ll see something like these:

// ** MySQL settings – You can get this info from your web host ** //

/** The name of the database for WordPress */

define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘database_name_here’);

/** MySQL database username */

define(‘DB_USER’, ‘username_here’);

/** MySQL database password */

define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘password_here’);

/** MySQL hostname */

define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘localhost’);

for the host name , enter the hostname provided by ooowebhost (not localhost)

save this file as config.php

Step 4<>

Logotype of FileZilla, the free FTP solution

Image via Wikipedia

Now, you’d need a FTP client , the free one is Filezilla.

Create a connection to your server by entering the FTP details

If you see default.php file delete it (very important)

Open public_html (root directory)

Now do not direct drag the folder containing wordpress here . open the folder to see its contents (wp-admin etc) select all items and then drag them into the root directory.


In your browser address bar type in the following address:

If all the instructions were followed then you’ll see the wordpress setup page.

If not then u’ll get an error “error404.server……….”

Make sure you type the path correctly,

See that the config.php is edited properly

Make sure you have deleted default.php


Image by Adriano Gasparri via Flickr

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Feb 01

A beginner’s guide to win the online battle

So you are new to this world of blogging and website building but unable to get the right kick start. Knowledge is power folks, and your first steps in this field are precious, so be with me as I guide you carefully through these steps

Step 1 <>

Before you get started, it is extremely important that you decide what kind of site you are going to build. Are you building one for your online business store?

Or you want to spread your knowledge through a blog?

Or just giving your hobbies a new dimension!

Before you start, keep in mind the type of audience you are targeting i.e. general or specific groups, country or purpose.

Step 2<>

These are some basic points you need to know regarding the making and functioning of websites. You don’t have to be scared of the technical knowhow. Just go through these get armed with the fundamentals you should know.

  1. Domain Names

    Domain Names (Photo credit: ivanpw)

    Domain name : A domain name is your address on the internet, more specifically your identity. This is how your website will be recognized and remembered. You’ll have to pay a fee to get your own domain name, though free domain names and sub-domain names are also available. Starting with a free one is always highly recommended for beginners. A few e.g. of free domain names are ( – isn’t it short and sweet?),, etc. Chose the one which suits you the best. Read effect of domain name on search engine ranking

  2. Hosting it  : once you are done getting a domain name for yourself, you need to host it on a web server. Again, these services are paid, but you do have options to try out free hosting services. But these services offer limited disk space and features. Of the many free services I’ve tried, provides a great free plan with 1.5 GB of disk space which is obviously too good!!  They also provide features such as php,mysql,apache the importance of which I’ve described later.                                                                                                                                             Regarding paid services, provides a standard hosting services which are are definitely trustworthy. With features like free domain, anti virus, statistics analysis, in their budget plan along with 99.9 % uptime, its one the best less expensive hosting service you can opt for. Also they provide great web space which is pretty much sufficient to get the job done!! check out its website builder too. why need a builder? read on!! promotional code                                                    promo code
  3. Nameservers: after completing the above two steps, you need to log into your domain registrar account and specify your name server. Exact details of the nameserver will be provided by your hosting service provider.

The most prominent types of name servers in operation today are the name servers of the Domain Name System (DNS), one of the two principal name spaces of the Internet. The most important function of these DNS servers is the translation (resolution) of human-memorable domain names and hostnames into the corresponding numeric Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, the second principal Internet name space which is used to identify and locate computer systems and resources on the Internet

Step 3<>

The next big task is setting up your website. For a beginner with no knowledge in html programming, visual site builders or online site builders are available which allow you create a site by just dragging and dropping items. Online website builders allow you to build your website online and you can set it up within minutes. The best among these are weebly, devhub, ucoz. Though I’ve used google sites, it doesn’t have much to offer. Ucoz can be extremely useful once you get started a bit as it has a lot to offer in its free plan.

Before signing up for an online website builder make sure that they allow a custom domain.

If you want to create blogs, blogger and wordpress are available. Blogger now with google is completely free whereas wordpress too has a free version but with limitations.

The alternative is using a content management system. Read more….

Step 4<>

As you try the online web builders mentioned above, you discover that the features offered by them aren’t satisfying. Thinking of getting it done everything on your own? Here’s how you can do it…

CMS or content management system is a software system that provides website authoring, collaboration, and administration tools designed to allow users with little knowledge of web programming languages or markup languages to create and manage website content with relative ease.

The best free one’s available are wordpress and joomla. Other ones are drupal, b2evolution etc. working with wordpress is extremely easy and you may find a huge no of extensions and themes which enhance your website.

To install wordpress on your 000webhostserver, click here.


Logotype of FileZilla, the free FTP solution

Image via Wikipedia

After setting up your name servers, it is advisable to download a FTP client ( file transfer protocol) The free one is FileZilla and is sufficient for you

The Ftp login details are provided by your hosting service provider.

This FTP client can be used to transfer files from your pc to the web server

Now with the system ready and powered up, go ahead build your dreamsite.

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