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Mar 29

20″ PC monitor review

Before publishing this articles, I’ve revised it so many times because my research constantly gave variable results. However this is the final list and the best comparison possible.


I’m going to talk about 20” monitors here. Please don’t buy any screen size lesser than this because there isn’t much price difference between 18.5” and 20” ones and no joy either


1.       LG E2041t : This is what I would say buy and I too recently got one and it works great. I’ve never been a fan of LG but the great decision to change over from Samsung to LG has yielded results. Let me tell you why. In India, it is easily available, no need to hunt for dealers, with a resolution of 1600*900, HD (not full HD : Full HD is 1900*1080 and is available for monitors above 22”) and contrast ratio of 8000000:1 and response time of 5ms and the latest price of 6300Rs (125$) it Is the best product available at an unbeatable price. Dimensions 476 x 364 x 166 . HDCP and f-engine present in LG and all these features makes it a must buy.


2.       Samsung SA20A300N : its 11$ costlier than the above one but with no extra or lesser features. However LG performs better and I’ve hunted down almost the whole of Pune to find this product but in vain. Hope God helps you get this one. It has a separate sync signal port, to show off the Samsung expertise. Dimensions 478 x 365 x 177mm. Special Features are       Eco Saving, Multi Screen S/W, Samsung MagicAngle, Samsung MagicBright³, Samsung MagicColour, Off Timer, MagicTune, Customised Key, Image Size. But it cannot be wall mounted as LG e2041!!! Same power consumption of 20 watts, same response time of 5ms, same resolution of 1600*900. Same viewing angle of 170/160. So please buy LG e2041 as I do not find a good reason to Samsung( I’ve used Samsung monitors for 12 years and they are as steady as rock)


3.       DELL IN2030M : same features as above gets beaten in its appearance. I’m not sure but it is only LED backlight and not full LED as the upper two ones. It is widescreen, and more useful is working split screen( if you are a stock trader ). Dell has its name, far superior to LG or Samsung but this monitor is priced at 6000 bucks only..great na!! But don’t get carried away, please find out whether its truly LED. All the above are HD and not Full HD, please remember.


4.       AOC E2043FK : not available everywhere and not much established in India ( if you need service) has similar features but there is no data on its performance.


You must ideally get all these ones for below 6800Rs. If you can invest 2000rs more you can go for 22” Full HD ones and I’ve described them in my next article. Thanks for reading and choose the right product!!

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