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Mar 29

22″ PC monitor review



1.       Well, the first one in my list and my favorite is BenQ G2220. It is not a great brand as Samsung or LG but the G2220 is one product which gives great performance for amazingly low price


Priced at Rs 7500, it gives a brightness of 215 cd/m2 though company claims 400 cd/m2 and a contrast ratio of 500:1 which is pretty good for its class. 16:9 ratio is a nice feature but this monitor doesn’t have HDMI port. So what, you can use a quick converter for that. The E2220 priced a 1000 bucks more has speakers and HDMI but is really not worth paying that much more.


Panel type is TN, though I always advocate IPS, for home based use TN should do.


Sense eye human vision tech: No idea how it helps!!! For detailed specs visit the brands webpage.


2.       Acer 235H: this ought to be the next as is priced equally to benQ E2220 but it far overpowers it. With a resolution of 1920*1080 and HDMI port, you can get the best possible picture quality for dirt cheap price. Contrast ratio is great at 473:1 but brightness sucks, its just 191.3 cd/m2. So think about it


3.       Samsung syncmaster 2233SW : priced same as Acer, for 8500 Rs, it has actually got nothing other than the brand to boast of. No USB, no speakers, no HDMI, bad vertical viewing angle. Resolution of 1920*1080 is what you can all get out of this. It doesn’t have swivel/pivot making you unable to adjust height : too bad.


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