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Mar 29

Adsense and Its friendship with Blogger

Is adsense approval from blogger.com easy?

Hello, recently one of my visitors had asked me whether Google owned Blogger.com can be an easy medium to obtain an adsense account.

The answer is simply no. Information contained in this article is by experience and not via any written policies of the companies mentioned here. Last week I was engaged in a lot of research regarding approval of adsense from blogger. Here’s what I found out:

Many sites as well as videos claim that adsense approval gets easier when you apply it through blogger. Well, let me tell you, this is does not even qualify for a trick. Adsense approval from blogger is equally tougher as it is through any other website. Earlier, adsense partner websites such as hubpages.com, indiastudychannel.com, etc were facilitating application to adsense account through their website, but now even such applications are being reviewed with similar seriousness. I must say that adsense approval is more or less same for any kind of website.

You must be well aware of adsense policies and criteria have to qualify as an adsense publisher and hence I need not mention it here. If you aren’t then you can consult adsense official help forum for the same. Since adsense has a monopoly in this world of advertising, and also largely due to increasing amount of adsense publishers and increasing violations of terms and policies, Google has made entry into adsense via these partner sites difficult too.

If you are thinking to get past all these stuff by some trick, then probably you got it all wrong. Adsense applications are reviewed manually and there exists no specific algorithm for the same. Even though thousands of websites are submitted for review every day, Google makes sure that they are scanned manually for a period of time even after partially approving it.

Hence my advice to you is not to waste time trying tricks such as changing IP address via proxy, using blogger ( of course it is an excellent blogging platform) , or using partner websites to obtain an approval, but your business strategy should go somewhat like this

1. write about what’s required for this world and not re-write what already exists. i.e. make your content unique.

2. Writing unique content doesn’t mean it would fetch you ads and visitors and clicks. You must ensure that your content is useful to your visitors and also such traffic would be useful to the advertisers bidding for your blog.

3. After working with adsense for over 2 years, I realize that adsense thrives on 3 things


Relevance &

Quality again. Obviously, if you write about stuff that are very rare, products available for advertisement related to such content would also be very rare. Hence it is extremely essential to research what to blog about!! Write about stuff that people need the most. Search engine Optimization follows later.

About adsense account sale

“Crime thrives in the land of adversity” . Yes, Google has clearly stated in its policies that adsense account cannot be transferred. In Asian countries, changing the payee name is banned. But even if it was allowed, it is not difficult for anybody to find out your real identity. So if you are barred from adsense, then improvise your site and reapply and please don’t buy an account. Such an account will be soon disabled and you can lose the money that you spent on buying such an account.

Also please report Google about such activities as it can help your fellow innocent publishers.

About “adsense ready” websites

Adsense ready websites are available for as low as 10$ . I fairly do not believe that such websites would earn you an adsense account. The easiest way to get an adsense account is by being honest. Trust me because you’ll be reading this blog post again after you finish exploring all other options available for getting adsense account approved.

Thanks and keep contributing!!


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