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Feb 13

create a website locally and get it online in 8 easy steps

1. first download xxamp, then install joomla or wordpress CMS on your local host. read here to install wordpress CMS on your server..
2. create the website using joomla or wordpress.
3. Go over to PHPMyAdmin on your localhost. Select the database on the left side of the window. At the top of the page there’s a Export tab. Click it. If it says “Quick Export” then you’re good to go. If not then make sure to “select all” in the tables window. Make sure that “IF NOT EXISTS” is selected as well.
4. Export the database as a file. Don’t worry about all the default setting, just click “go”.
5. Open that file in a text editor; strip out everything from the top down to the first “IF NOT EXISTS” or “TABLE STRUCTURE FOR….”
6. Go to your new hosting cPanel or wherever the Databases are and create a new DB. Some hosts have the “database wizard” that will create the db, db user and password all in one swoop. Get those credentials and keep them handy.
7. Go back to the file you have from the exported database. Copy everything (Select all) from that text file then go over to the new host’s PHPMyAdmin window. Remember, select that new database you created, then instead of going to “Import” select “SQL” at the top then paste everything into that window and click “GO”.
8. If you did it right then it should execute the command and then you’ll see all your tables over on the left and then you can set your config file to the new database credentials, etc and you can have a happy life from there on out with your new website and better yet, newfound knowledge
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